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another print for ax!


One of the spread pages for F L I G H T which is still available for preorder here!
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Nekoma companion piece to my AU Karasuno pic
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taku || 進撃log

黄笠 kikasa log (2) by JIBIJIP

Sketch-a-Day July 12 | the Stroll

a random compilation of the few expression i did for midousuji during the shoot. did realise i had too many ‘o’ expression and not enough expression with his teeth or tongue showing (i can’t really do teeth + tongue though, my teeth and mouth aren’t big enough and i can’t curl my tongue OTL; ) will probably try more of those for other shoots! 
the main theme for this shoot was ‘幸せの色’, i like the troll side of Midousuji but above that, the side when he’s alone and not in ‘race’ mode, the side where he’s always looking up to the sky, with that blank expression as if looking for something, not exactly knowing what to feel, is very endearing, i just wanna protect him and give him a hug (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
 the above was just side shots, but the main shots didn’t turn out that well though, admittedly it wasn’t well planned  ;_; <somehow better ideas always comes out after the photoshoot is over?! 
that aside, it was fun cosing midousuji, though my mouth and eyes got really tired after awhile (个_个) i think i kinda understand why people say they wanted to slap me when i disturb them by staring wide eye while smiling after looking at the pictures HAHAHA
Photo thanks to athensis!